Place 3 Lemons Cut On Your Nightstand. This Trick Will Change Your Life Forever! See What Happens!

Even if many of you don’t believe in positive and negative energies because they are not palpable or easy to comprehend, you should know that they indeed influence your existence more than you think.  For instance, negative energy can affect your relationships, health, prosperity, blocking the home atmosphere.

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Surprisingly, these negative energies can be eliminated with a very simple, but beneficial ingredient: lemon. All you have to do is place a lemon in a spot where you stay a lot. The aroma and the presence of lemon will prevent bad energies from entering your home.

Remedies against bad energies:

  • Place 3 limes in three corners of the house and let them become yellow/ black. At this point, you should change them with others.
  • In order to keep away the bad energies coming from your work colleagues you should put in your purse or in your desk 3 lemons.
  • Before bedtime, put 3 lemons in a bowl and let it on the night table. You will attract love and you will sleep better.
  • Boil some lemon peel in rainwater. The vapors released will absorb all the negative energy in your house.
  • Use a spray which has water and lemon content. Spray all over your house, insisting on the corners, in order to change the energy.
  • In a ceramic bowl, add some rice and place on top of it 9 lemons, leaving the bowl on the fridge. If you place one lemon in the center of the bowl and the rest around it you will attract wealth.
  • Cut one lemon in two halves and make one crossed cut, placing it in a bowl. Then, take some salt and circle the lemon. Put the bowl under or next to your bed before going to sleep. In the morning, take the lemon with a cloth or a bag (make sure you don’t touch them) and throw it away. Follow this procedure for several successive days and you will see that you will feel better, more optimistic and relaxed, as the bad vibes have gone from your body.

Place 3 Lemons Cut On Your Nightstand. This Trick Will Change Your Life Forever! See What Happens!

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