This Is How Negative Emotions Affect Our Health!

Our life is influenced positively or negatively by different things, including emotions and feelings. Even if, apparently, you may think that this happens because of someone or something, the truth is another. You are influenced by the very way in which you see the things that surround you. And it depends of you if you want to have a positive or negative perspective that will eventually affect you as a human being.

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To be more explicit, all this happens because our system releases certain substances when we are dominated by emotions and feelings, substances that tend to determine your mood. It is very interesting to see what happens when we think positively and negatively and how we can change it. Let’s find out together!

What is positive and what is negative?

Generally, we tend to think that duality exists and that it is the only one responsible for certain aspects of our life. But you know that there are no positive and negative things or emotions? There are only situations. Situations that we use to treat differently. One can handle the same difficult situation with calm and another with stress. It depends a lot on your personality and how you consider things.


Think twice and you will see that the positive-negative opposition doesn’t exist. In fact, we are the only responsible for how an experience is lived. Our way of reacting, our belief and perception make things positive or negative. In this sense, a person’s experience who works because he likes what he does and wants to improve his/her skills, is very different from the experience of a person who goes to work only because he/she needs the money, but he/she hates what he/she does.

Body-Mind connection

What if we told you that the only thing responsible in fact for these opposition is the body and mind connection? As strange as it seems, our body is strongly connected to our mind creating an invisible, but powerful liaison.  For instance a positive view over your life can determine you to be active, dynamic or optimistic and live a healthy lifestyle, whereas a negative perception can lead to an unhealthy and self-destructive lifestyle.

Emotions are nothing else but energy stored in different parts of our body. If you have ever had an emotional experience that left some emotional marks, you should have a certain part of your body that ‘feels’ that way. This happens because the energy is stored in that particular place and comes up every time you remember of that particular event.

Moreover, it seems that injuries or pain are connected to your feelings and emotions. However, in order for us to able to realize this things, we must get to know ourselves very well and try to not be so connected to what happens to the outside world.

This Is How Negative Emotions Affect Our Health!

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